viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

What are you doing?

He's sleeping
He's eating donuts
She's working
He's writing

What the perfect gift?

What's the perfect gift for my?
An  air plane, because I likes travel

Whats the perfect gift for my mother?
A new tv plasma, because she likes the movies.

Whats the perfect gift for  jhon?
A new laptop because he likes technology

English Lesson THIS THAT

This, That, These and Those

Poem for my dad

Wilfredo Cabezas
By: Wilfredo Cabezas

Loving, funny, educated, hardworking
Father of Diego, Luisa, edhin, wildy and me.
Who loves: God, drink, technology and shopping
Who is afraid of: Crime, war and darkness
Want to see me grow up with a good family.